A little alone time…

I’ve temporarily relocated to Solitude. Not for any particular reason other than a desire to see places that I haven’t seen for many years. Most of my formative years were spent out here, exploiting the riches that a low population offers. Sadly now it’s not as quiet, but I’ve been having fun making some isk, and being hunted.

I use the word ‘hunted’ loosely as the local, dominant pirates aren’t that adept at being subtle and will blindly stumble into a system and lauch combats even when they have little or no idea what to expect. It’s all good, they’re easily avoidable.

I’ve taken a bit of a shine to gas mining, primarily some of the more expensive gases. The money’s not great but it’s a diversion. Some of the combat sites have also proven to be worth running. I’ll give it another week or so here and then probably move on, but I’ll leave a clone… just in case.

Logistics wise, Solitude has always been a PITA, with wormholes being used regularly as a vital link between the bulk of hisec and this lonely island. The short but well-populated nullsec accessway has always been dangerous, and the lowsec slog is painful, as well as treacherous given Lowsechnya Sholupen’s regular smartbomb camps. I’ve had not problems finding hisec exits to use in order to transfer my booty though.

I wasn’t planning to PVP today, in fact I was scanning a hisec exit out of a C1 (J123708), but in doing so I discovered a veritable wealth of potential booty and decided to bring up an alt to run the sites, as well as to keep a spare set of eyes in Solitude.

As I was sitting idly off the hisec entry, waiting to fleet warp my alt to the lowsec exit, a wild Cheetah appeared. He dropped probes, spent a few minutes scanning and promptly disappeared.

I held off bringing my alt into system and had her wait in station in hisec, deciding to settle in at a ping off one of the relic sites and wait to see if the cautious Cheetah would make another appearance. Around an hour later the Cheetah reappeared on scan at one of the Relic sites.

He was quickly dispatched, along with his pod. Zkill has the kill at 120m, and the Sisters launcher dropped, which is always a bonus.

Total drop value was around 60m. I’m happy enough with that.

Having killed the competition, I then pulled my alt in and ran the remaining sites for a further 50m. I also brought along a few bits and bobs to sell on the market up here because in truth, it’s awful.

Anyhoo, happy trails.


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