It’s been a very quiet EVE week.

I had every intention of playing quite a bit, but life has a way of distracting and diverting you. What started as a great weekend last Friday, having seen my rota for the coming seven days, quickly turned into a nightmare. I was unceremoniously dumped with being on call, and then all hell broke loose on Saturday and Sunday. This continued all the way through to Wednesday so very little EVE time was had.

There is some light shining on this sad tale, however. I’m now on vacation for two weeks. This would be great, had I not torn a ligament in my foot on Friday morning and had I been able to get to see a GP. That will now have to wait until Monday… thank the sweet lord for coedine.

Enough misery. Let’s look at some positives.

I did manage to log in and snag a cheeky kill on Monday, albeit with just 30 minutes play time available.

Post that I ended up logging in Brarel, just around the corner from Intaki and there I remained until Thursday evening after having finally gotten around to buying the Precursor skillbooks for my main. Just the frigate and destroyer for now, but I’m excitied to test the capabilities of the Ikitursa after having a discussion with another blogger who’s been finding it outperforms the Confessor for anomaly farming.

Upon undocking I spied a Buzzard on scan, and there he remained for a good few minutes as I probed down the array of signatures. When I finally found her in a data site she was on her last can, so it was a quick land, bounce and warp in to snag her.

I was curious to see her fit as she’d been applying a small amount of damage, and there in the highs sat a lonely missile launcher.

Free probes are always good.

Post that I spent the evening roaming and after around 10 holes I’d found nothing or nobody of interest, so I logged in Masanuh after lurking on a relic site in a C1 for an hour with no takers.

The following evening, I popped a few happy coedine friends and decided to log in and have a quick flit around Kor Azor. The very first corp I ever joined lived in Inis-Ilix and I wanted to have a look around to see if there were any old faces still there. Indeed there were, all this time later. I find it fascinating how some players can stay in one system for their entire EVE career. Each to their own, I guess.

After scanning out a few systems I checked out a wandering R943 in Halibai. I call it the motherlode hole.

I quickly logged on my disposable hacking alt and death cloned to Amarr, picked up a Magnate and T1 analyzers and hightailed it to Halibai. Total haul was around 200m. Not great, but not bad considering all but two were data sites. I was more fascinated by the quantity and have never seen quite so many in one place.

As luck would have it, warping into a Hideaway to do my Skilling Spree for the day also yeilded a nice warp disruptor from the faction rat.

Hopefully I’ll have a little more time this evening and tomorrow to go hunting, providing the drugs don’t send me to sleep first.

Fly safe!

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