Turbulent Blue…

… in more ways than one.

I had a small window of opportunity to play this evening so I was eager to start scanning and make something of the small amount of time available. I’d docked in Mohas, a backwater hisec system in Derelik and decided to start scanning there.

I was pleased to find a K162 straight away, the only signature in system and one leading to J013123, a shattered wormhole with hisec and null statics. I also noted the new wormhole graphics, very nice!

I took the Vital Spark in through the static and, with it being an isolated system I expected little in the way of traffic. After commencing scanning I began to notice a lot of lag spikes, something that’s been plaguing me over the past few days and I considered packing up and going home as it was getting pretty tiresome. I first noticed the issue when using my alpha explorer account yesterday and found the hacking game to be almost impossible to play. Nevertheless I perservered and worked my way slowly through the plethora of signatures available.

As usual there were a lot of random wormhole connections which offered the potential for traffic, but little in the way of hackable sites for the average explorer. Checking Zkill revealed a Heron on Heron kill earlier in the day (I approve) but nothing else exciting and no evidence of anyone camping or on an extended vacation. Eventually I came across an Angel relic site and decided to settle there for 30 minutes or so to see if anyone passed by.

Then I disconnected at the pounce.

I checked my internet connection via the browser and it too also seemed to want to work intermittently. A quick wireless adapter driver check was done (up to date), a change to my wirelss channel and a restart didn’t fix the issue so I resolved to reboot the router, get out of the hole if possible and try again when things either improved or I had the time to investigate further. After around five minutes my connection appeared to stabilize and I logged back on. It was laggy as hell.

I recloaked, reached for the Safe bookmark I’d made, reconnected to my probes and instinctively clicked dscan.

Probes? Typical.

What to do? I was in no fit state to fight with my connection being so poor, but I resolved to stick around at my safe for a few minutes just to see if anything showed up at the relic site. I didn’t want to wait at the pounce just in case I disconnected again, and also wondered if my unattended ship had been seen on scan and another opportunistic hunter had begun scanning having seen me on scan.

Given the number of signatures I knew whoever it was, IF they were in here for profit, would take some time to finish probing and indeed it was around 10 minutes before they showed up on scan in an Astero.

I warped back to the pounce and as luck would have it I warped instantly, landing to see a clearly very capable hacker literally ripping through the cans with only two remaining. I needed therefore to make a split second decision, leave him here and jump out with my curiosity satisfied or take on the fight? I quickly checked Zkill and noted two Astero losses for NNervass, the last of which packed four warp core stabs. I wondered if I’d be on a hiding to nothing even making an attempt.

I threw caution to the wind and warped to him as he started hacking the last can.

Luckily my lag appeared to have disappated, but I took the precaution of kicking in my tank anyway, just in case. As it happened NNervass didn’t launch any drones and the fight was over very quickly. It appeared that he didn’t have four stabs… well I assumed not as he didn’t attempt to escape. I didn’t think about going for the pod being anxious that the lag would return so I quickly checked the wreck and scooped the little I could carry due to being full of cap boosters, then warped to my safe.

On arriving I checked the killmail and kicked myself upon seeing that there was a container in there full of goodies, the launcher hadn’t dropped so that would have to do. I then disregarded another rule of mine and returned to the wreck, scooped the container after dumping my charges and left, logging for the evening where I’d logged on.

I’ll be back once this lag issue is sorted.

Fly safe!


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