And relax…

With my first full day off work for some time arriving, I waved goodbye to the kids and decided to do a little hunting before downtime. Unfortunately I had made the mistake of mentioning Ikea to my partner which would limit my game time until around 14:00. No matter, plenty of time to get some fun cooking.

After undocking from Sasta and scanning my way through what seemed like a bucket of systems, I eventually arrived in Arluf. Not an area I normally frequent, but a hole is a hole, right? Most of the signatures I’d scanned had been either super wobbly, nulls or C4/5, so the sight of a nice, stable K162 was a pleasant surprise.

As my connection hasn’t been particularly stable lately, I was a little unsure of whether to give it a go today, but so far scanning and gate jumping had appeared to be nice and snappy so, in I went.

All appeared to be quiet in J132737, however I immediately noticed wrecks and drones on scan which obviously piqued my interest. Clearly a reconnaisance run was in order to ascertain if anyone (uncloaked) was at home. Dscan revealed a Fortizar, Astrahus and Athanor, so I bounced off each first to see if anyone was around.

Nobody seemed to be in residence, at least in their structures anyway. Time to find the wrecks, which a tight scan revealed to be in an unfinished anomaly and belonging to what appeared to be a static farmer.

Now to set up safes and commence scanning. There were quite a few signatures in system, most of which were gas and other wormholes. As is often the case, the very last one scanned was a relic site, and an Angel one at that. A pounce was created, as well as a gander spot off the entrance and one off the Fortizar.

I took the opportunity once embedded to check out the hole’s kill history, nothing appeared to particularly stand out and recent activity was minimal. The minutes ticked by until finally downtime arrived and I logged at a safe. I took the time to make a few tweaks to my wireless connection (cable going in next week) and waited patiently for the server to restart. Quite a long downtime today, probably something to do with yesterdays DDoS shenanigans.

Logging back in I spotted an Orthrus on scan, it disappeared quickly but reappeared and disappeared just as quickly a few minutes later. I check out the structures and saw no activity, probably just someone passing through. It wasn’t long before a set of probes appeared on scan and shortly thereafter an Imicus revealed itself.

The Imicus disappeared but the probes remained, and bouncing between the outer planet and sun told me that there were likely two independent sets of probes at work.

Lo and behold, within a few minutes an Astero plus additional drones appeared on scan. My first thought was that he’d caught the Imicus, so I swooped down to the relic site to see what was occurring and maybe get in on the kill.

As it happened there was no Imicus, he’d clearly decided to vacate on seeing the Astero. As for the latter she was happily hacking away at the relic site, drones out and travelling extremely quickly. One of the first things I noticed was her red colouration and upon further investigation it appeared that she was part of an alliance that I had set to red for some reason in the dim and distant past.

A quick check on Zkill revealed a preference for stabs, but not a full rack, so there was hope yet. I wasn’t going to get a fight out of this though, it seemed.

Due to her speed I wanted to ensure that I engaged close in and minimise the chances of her pulsing out of my meagre scram range on seeing me. Previous fits hadn’t included a cargo scanner so I watched her vector closely for her next target.

Her drones were on me straight away, however I can’t understand why she would put out hobgoblins when she was carrying ECM drones. Probably just as a decloaking mechanism, but in reality that’s not going to do much in an case. Had her EC-300s been out and jamming the instant I aggressed, she may have stood a chance.

As it stood, the fight was over quickly and after missing the pod due to accidentally locking the wreck I looted and returned to hisec. No sisters launcher again! I am cursed.

Now we’re off to Ikea.


Fly safe!

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