As I was saying…

… alpha exploration can be very profitable.

I’d logged yesterday in Brundakar, a few jumps from Rens and debated whether or not to move back to Sasta with my loot or start scanning there. Two wormholes, both K162s and leading to C3 and C1 systems were present so in I went.

Both systems proved to be clear and quiet, but both also held Sansha relic sites and a few others besides so I decided to move a nearby alpha alt over to run the sites whilst shadowing them in the hope of a kill.

Sadly, or in this case luckily there were no surprises and by the time I’d cleared both systems in the space of around an hour I was almost 350m isk better off. Thank you J142520 and J124215 and thank you, Bob for your blessed bounty.

With the boring stuff out of the way, I parked up my alt and scanned through the more stable of the two holes, the C1 J124215 into an adjoining C2, J112019.

Nothing doing here sadly, but scans revealed yet another Sansha relic site. I checked out the Athanor, the only structure in system and scanned out the remaining signatures. A B274 to what appeared to be Amarr hisec was present so I decided to settle in for half an hour and then maybe bring an alt in to run the site if nobody came in.

I guess it was around 20 minutes before a Heron appeared on scan, and within a short space of time she was dutifully running the relic site. I watched with anticipation as she hacked the only ruin and was dismayed to see her fail the hack, dashing my hopes of a potential windfall from a kill.

I’d noted that she was using a cargo scanner, so I made my move before she got to the last can in the system. Time to offer Bob some bounty in return.

Having snagged her pod and cleaned up after myself I decided to stick around to see if anyone else made an appearance as there were also a few data sites in system, but another 30 minutes came and went and there were no takers.

As I was leaving I noticed a resident had landed on an anomaly in a Gila. I considered logging on my main and travelling the 20 jumps to Yarebap, the exit system but with just the one anomaly present I knew I’d never arrive in time so I left him to rat in peace.

Fly safe


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