It’s that time of year again. Time to get my sh*t together and a clone jump to Solitude to assess what needs to be moved and sold. I tend to accumulate a lot of ‘loot’, most of which I’ll never use and can be put to better use as liquid isk. Sadly I’m a consumate hoarder and I find all this admin stuff to be very trying. So, being already depressed about having to go to work tomorrow I decided I might as well stoke the coals of woe and get some work done.

I spent a few hours arranging things into various cans and checking volumes so as to be sure each load would fit into the Crane. My main even joined me and together we got most of it done. It was getting pretty late though and the sight of various bods traversing the system piqued my interest, so true to form I let distraction get the better of me and jumped into one of the Vital Spark’s sisters ships (strangely enough also called the Vital Spark) and headed out to see who was doing what. I also needed to check for potential loot runs through connecting wormholes… more on that later.

I’d also bought a gift for my Asteros, the One Eden skin, and I wanted to fly around in it because… well because. Plus I can’t be seen in that common Deathglow Hunters skin anymore now, can I?

So, I left Heluene by way of Oruse and scanned the seven or so signatures to reveal just relic and data sites as well as a nice gas site. I have to say, however I was very pleased with myself in so far as I didn’t turn tail and grab a hacking or gas mining ship. Good girl, Fayte… stick to the plan and move on…

Well, I would have, had Dima Swaroffski not shown up to mine the gas I’d just beaten myself up about not mining.

Sorry Dima, if I can’t have it, neither can you.

Time to get back on track. I scanned a few systems and found mostly low to low connections with nothing anywhere near Amarr and finally ended up in Ogaria which provided access to a C2 and a C3 via K162s. I was about to jump into the C3 and I noticed that the fit that this version of the Vital Spark was loaded with didn’t match my current preferred loadout. No cap booster on this one. I resolved therefore not to get into any fights I didn’t need to, especially with another Astero due to the obvious issues of cap longevity.

The C3 was rammed with sigs and I dutifully started scanning, only to notice out of the corner of my eye that something wasn’t quite right with my dscan. I counted down the probes and lo-and-behold, there were nine, not eight. Someone else was scanning.

Having already locked down a relic site I quickly pulled probes and proceeded to set up a perch… and waited. The probes moved off to the outer planet where the entrance was and I spent the next fifteen minutes bouncing between the hole and the relic site to check for activity.

Just as I was about to give up on the cagey explorer a set of T1 probes appeared and it wasn’t long before a self named Heron landed on the site. I watched her start to hack and considered the possibility that the other explorer could be in an Astero, or worse a hunter like me. With the fit I had I was fair game in a cap war, so I let her hack down to the last can and flipped a coin.

In I went.

I’d totally forgotten about the 100% loot drop, so I was pleasantly surprised to find 30m in the wreck.

With nobody showing up to challenge me I started to scan out the rest of the system, finding nothing else of interest and headed back to Heluene leaving the stranger’s probes clustered around the exit.

Fly safe!


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