Dead End…

Time to go on another roam.

Back at Sasta having finished sorting through assets to be moved and sold, I was at a loss as to what to do. I’m in a bit of a funk with the game at the moment if I’m truthful. I’d like to play with others, but there are so many plonkers out there that I’m loathed to even try again. Most of my orignal friends from many years ago have drifted away and trying to recapture what we had is going to be very difficult. For now I’ll continue to go it alone.

I’d really like to be based out of lowsec but with a lot of wormhole diving and roaming on the menu. I’ve yet to find a smallish corp that offers that, let alone one that isn’t populated by egomaniacs or obnoxious types. Sigh.

Anyway, time to get going.

I travelled all the way down to the back end of Derelik lowsec, finding nothing of interest in the form of wormholes or explorers, so branched off at Kenobanala and headed down the pipe into Minmatar lowsec. Same story. Eventually I arrived in Hrober, a quiet 0.3 dead end system and found a K162 into J111603, a C3 with a static lowsec.

Just an Athanor on scan and twelve signatures, but sadly no signs of life. Zkill showed no kills in over a month… so I wasn’t expecting much. I decided to probe my way through and see what other connections were available. I was about to drop probes when as if by magic an Imicus appeared on scan.

A quick directional pinpoint and some swift probing had the relic site scanned out quickly and on landing at the site it appeared that Do-won Gung hand’t seen my probes. I checked his killboard quickly and wasted no time in despatching him.

Once I’d looted the wreck I decided to check out the rest of the system, noticing that his capsule was still on scan. I flew to the Athanor and found nobody at home, then warped over to the outer planet spotting an Astrahus on the way.

I checked out the Astrahus and found my quarry undocking in a Venture. He appeared to be the sole occupant, however I wasn’t sure if anything was cloaked in system and my spider senses started to tingle as I watched him warp straight back to the relic site.

Anakin Skywalker: I sense Count Dooku.

Obi-Wan: I sense a trap.

Anakin Skywalker: Next move?

Obi-Wan: Spring the trap.

I couldn’t resist…

No trap, but we had a nice little chat in local and he admitted to being complacent. He actually offered me a 1v1 but I was already in the doghouse for being late for dinner so I respectfully declined and retired to a safe.

Having quickly finished dinner and returned to my keyboard I resolved to start scanning my way through into any available connections. My previous quarry had logged off or cloaked and was nowhere to be seen, however I’d scanned out an additional relic site near the outer planet and set up a pounce off it, just in case whilst I continued to scan.

I spotted a new signature appear, and shortly after a Helios with a telltale wormhole tag appeared on scan and dropped probes. I decided to hang around. The Helios scanned for around ten minutes and pulled probes but did not appear in the relic site. I flew back to the Astrahus one last time to check for occupants then bounced back to the relic site for a final check before taking the N968 I’d scanned out.

Hello Astero.

XXX Oniks didn’t have your usual carebear killboard and clearly liked to hunt himself, and whilst I’m not risk averse (I prefer to call it cautious), this incarnation of the Vital Spark has over 20 killmarks and I was in the mood for a good scrap. I waited until he was on the last can and decloaked.

To my surprise there was no resistance at all. I checked my logs post kill and noted that I hadn’t taken any damage whatsoever despite his drones being in space. I can only assume that the poor guy had set them onto the relic container. He tanked for a while, but with just the one AAR it didn’t take long for me to burrow into his hull.

Regardless, I was very happy with the drop. The Frostline Integrated Analyzer especially… but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about the Abyssal Small Shield Extender. Zkill shows the kill at 210m, less the value of the Shield Extender.

Having scooped most of the loot I headed back to Sasta to replace the cap boosters that I’d had to dump, 130m richer and smiling all the way.

Fly safe o/


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