I’m (kinda) back!

Hello space friends!

Following my little break, I have returned to EVE refreshed and looking to explore new things, although one of the first things I did was kill someone.

Sorry Kaneon, if you’re going to have a Stratios sat off you as protection, he needs to learn to decloak quicker than that.

So, what have I been up to? I have a new job! I’m no longer working on the front line in care and that’s not for COVID related reasons, it’s all about money and spending quality time with my family. I miss my old colleagues tremendously, but one has to do what one has to do when the chips are down. I’m no spring chicken, and to be honest spending every night in my own bed has been something I could only dream of for the past five years.

Onto more important space type stuff.

I’ve been in the Abyss, poking around and seeing what money can be made. I’ve chosen to do this on an Alpha alt as I’m curious as to how far I can push my luck and my emotions about it all are pretty mixed.

I was aware that the value of mats and books had tanked and I knew already that running low tier rifts like T1 and T2 was never going to make me a billionaire, or at least it would take a long time, but you know me and spreadsheets. It had to be done.

I started out in a Caracal and did enough in T1 rifts to fund a Caracal Navy Issue. That took a while! T1s were averaging out at around 1-2m per run which for 10 mins is garbage money. I then decided to gift myself a Gila and commenced running T2s. Site times varied between 8 and 12 minutes and after a 20 run stint in Gammas, this was the loot haul.

Ok I guess, if you average it out at 10 minutes per site, that’s 115m in just under three and a half hours.

My M.O. was primarily to cycle throgh sites as quickly as possible, only grabbing the cache and occasionally an extraction node if it was in easy reach. The passive regen Gila isn’t a fast beast, topping out around 540m/s on my Alpha alt.

I’m going to be playing around with T3 rifts this week on SiSi to see how the fit performs on an Alpha. I’ll keep you posted.

Fly safe o/


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