The tale of J144727…

Hello space friends!

All masked up for Coronaspace

I’m a little rusty after only a few months away and I appear to keep forgetting to grab screenshots when things happen (or don’t, as is the way with hunting explorers). So, I’d like to apologise before I begin for the lack of illustration in this post. It (probably) won’t happen again. To be perfectly honest I’ve started to record fights on video, but since purchasing a new QHD monitor it appears that Microsoft Game Capture doesn’t like the resolution and the output isn’t sharp enough for screen shots. I have used a few captures to break up the content, however.


I’d had a few glasses of wine the night before last and got into a scrap with another Astero. I don’t recall exactly what happened due to my inebriated state but I do remember it turning into a drone on drone battle and, well, I hate that shit. Launch, retrieve, launch retrieve… 10 minutes later… blah blah. No thanks. I bugged out at some point and logged off in a random adjacent hole, exiting the next day with a screaming hangover and low on boosters, drones and nanite paste. A quick trip to Rens sorted those small issues out and by midday I was lighter in pocket but weightier in resolve.

I gave most of my money away when I ‘left’, so right now I’m quite poor and I need to address that situation. I’m determined to only run the one account for the time being and Fayte’s skills don’t really lend themselves to PvE (unless it’s using a Worm), hence using the alpha character to run abyssal sites.

Back to the story.

Having replenished supplies and gotten The Vital Spark back in reasonable, seaworthy condition I headed out to the backwaters of Minmatar hisec, eventually finding a C2 with connecting C3 in Usteli. Usteli is a quiet 0.9 system, tucked around the corner from Rens and the sort of place you only visit if you have a Vargur and you’ve picked up a mission from Ivar. Not the sort of place you’d hope to pick up hisec divers but, if you’re going to chain you need to start somewhere.

I poked around for a while and found little of interest, but on jumping into the adjacent C3, J144727, I spotted a Venture on scan named ‘Gas’. I quickly probed out all the available signatures and checked all the gas sigs and ore anomalies but all efforts resulted in zero contact. He’d obviously seen me and warped to a safe, then out.

No matter, I had most of the sigs scanned out so I settled in with Netflix after having scouted the Roonfleet Astrahus to see if ‘Gas’ was there and noticed it was empty. Probably not a resident then. Probably.

Minutes and hours ticked by and by 17:00 I was getting a little testy. The movies I’d been watching had finished and I decided then to be on my merry way. There was a small E004 that looked interesting, and I warped to my perch off the hole as it was off d-scan. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve waited and waited for a target, then just as I’m about to leave and decloak on the hole one appears on scan. Not good. Never not perch first.

One last ping of d-scan revealed Christmas had come early! It looked like I was staying for a little while.

A quick directional showed them both to be at one of the data sites, so I warped to my perch to check out the situation.

There they were, pretty maids all in a row. Sadly not in that neat of a row, around 50km apart. I did a quick zKill check on their corp and decided that they were probably not bait.


Sadly Blazz drew the short straw. His buddy sat there almost to the point when Blazz was podded then warped off to one of the exits. Blazz got a free ticket home. Noiqtas is clearly a voyeur.

Time passes…

So I popped open a beer and started planning how I’m going to dominate Youtube and make a living off it. Certainly not with EvE videos, I have other plans. I guess it was just after 22:00 Eve time when I first noticed a set of sisters probes on scan and then a few minutes later another set. It was getting busy. Around 15 minutes later I saw an Imicus pop up named ‘Trasher’ and noticed that three additional signatures had spawned. He wasn’t at anything I’d pre-scanned so I settled on an Angel relic site and waited, pinging d-scan repeatedly to see if I could eyeball the owner of the other set of probes.

Then a wild Astero appeared… (apologies for crappy video capture)

… then drones appeared and the Imicus was no more. Killed by the Astero. “That should have been me!”, I shouted, and settled back into watching d-scan for any sign that the Astero was just an opportunistic killer who was also an explorer and not a fellow hunter.

I resisted the urge to launch probes as there were plently of bait sites left and waited for what was probably 10 minutes before the Astero appeared on scan again. Whilst waiting I checked zKill and saw who the victim and the victor had been. The guy in the Astero had some kills under his belt, so I wasn’t going into this lightly. Sadly he had no Astero losses, so I had no idea what his fit was going to be like. The Imicus had been dual stabbed, suggesting the Astero was packing two scrams or a scram and a disruptor. Rigged for hunting then.

I tight scanned the remaining relic sites repeatedly and eventually found the Astero, so I headed over and settled in to watch him hacking. He was taking his time, which is always unnerving as when baiting you want to maximise your window. I let him do a few cans and decided to jump him on a ruin. Again I apologise for the grappy screen grab.

It was a good fight. He started on my drones and I got that sinking feeling immediately, but after a few rounds of drone hide-and-seek he started laying into my hull instead and in a battle of cap attrition he was never going to keep up with my hold full of boosters. A few minutes later all that was left was a wreck and his disconnected drones.

Good fight Noromi Sacrophant.

298m isk on zKill and probably the jankiest, shitty drop ever in EvE. Thanks loot fairy.

I wanted to talk a little about what let this fit down though. Clearly the rigs are a massive hole and whilst it’s not meant for hunting specifically, I’m sure you could get away with a few less hacking and analysing buffs to compensate. The cap battery is a nice idea, but in practice it’s not very practical. I guess it lets you free up some cargo space if you’re not carrying boosters. At no point did Noromi attempt to use the EC-300s he was carrying either. Then I checked the mid-slots and noticed there was just a warp disruptor. Was the Imicus asleep? How did he die with two stabs? Perhaps the Astero had dropped a depot and refitted?

We’ll never know. However, just as I was scooping out the Astero’s contents I noticed a familiar ship name appear on scan. Could it be the same Imicus?

I hightailed it over to the remaining relic site and there he was, the same guy the Astero had just killed. Sorry, no screen grabs for this one, was a pretty run of the mill affair tbh.

I felt a little bad and sent Skullz a mail linking Noromi’s killmail. We had a cool little mail exchange and he thanked me for dealing with the Astero and we laughed about him trying to get away when scrammed.

It is, just a game after all, right?

Back to Sasta for me, which appears to have been invaded by some point by the Coneheads. I’ve only been gone a few months! Thankfully Edencom are keeping the place safe but I did notice that the area was noticeably quieter.

Anyhoo, fly safe and stay safe o/


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