Rockets and Flames of the Shining Variety

Yes, rockets.

I’m trying out a Manticore for a change. I think I hate it already.

It’s been a pretty barren few weeks, and logging on yesterday I had an urge to try something different. I bought a Manticore, strapped some Rocket Launchers on it and headed out to somewhere nameless. I caught a Heron, it died.


Well no, not really. The risk felt minimal due to the fact that it’s just a cheap slab with rockets taped to it, the lock time was unimpressive (but granted, better), and the align time was trash due to the shield extender. It felt ‘clunky’. Additionally your windows for engagement are limited and you don’t have an ‘out’ at all (read EC-300s) if the words ‘GET OUT’ flash up on your HUD.

Meh. I’ll keep her and maybe get her out on dull days to remind myself why I fly the Astero. A friend of mine gimps his Astero by eschewing a prop mod for a sebo, but frankly that scares me. I’ve used my AB against MWD / scram fits on several occasions to extract myself from fights. I’m not suicidal. I like options.

Also, have you been running any of the new event sites? I keep wanting to call them Shining Path Bases. They are, of course, Shining Flame Bases. I’ve been running them in a Drekevac and to be honest I find them to be pretty boring. The loot is quite uninspiring and it feels like the same old event is being rolled out over and over without any originality being injected.


Today I went hunting in Minmatar hisec in the Manticore again. I thought I’d give it another chance. I really want to ‘glass cannon’ it to make the align better, but anything I do to it in terms of lows or rigs is just going to gimp the damage. I guess I could remove the extender, but then all it’s useful for is killing T1 exploration frigs… which is pretty much all it’s useful for anyway.

I found a C1 in Ameinaka and decided to settle in. Six relic sites and another hisec entrance? I’ll take it. Now, what normally happens when I try to hunt in something cheap and cheerful is that a dual rep Astero or a Stratios comes in and raids the system flat, whilst I watch forlornly, sat in something that can’t kill either, however today I had a secret weapon…

An alt in a Tengu.

It was a good day to bring a Tengu, as not long after I’d jumped in and settled down a wild Procurer appeared at the hole and warped off to an ore anomaly. After the cursory checks on the pilot were complete he was executed along, with his pod. It’s been a while since I’ve killed a Procurer and I forgot how tough they are. He had two corpmates in Ameinaka but neither made an appearance.

Around 20 minutes later I noticed a flash of orange appear on my overview. The aforementioned Procurer pilot appeared in a Hurricane and, as he did, the hole collapsed behind him. With the Tengu still in system the Hurricane was also summarily executed along with the pod, with the pilot sending me a terrible standing notification shortly thereafter and noting in his comment that I was now stuck in there.

How rude.

Of course, I wasn’t. The new static to Nibainkier was scanned out in short order and the loot was ferried out.

I didn’t take any screen shots of the above two kills because I forgot. I told you in my last post that I would, and I’m nothing if not consistent.

It was at this point that I decided to turn a blind eye to any nefarious activity for half an hour and would you believe it, five of the six relic sites had disappeared by the time I came back. Some people, huh? I bet there was at least 115.2m worth of stuff in those sites.


Time passes slowly when there’s nobody snooping around and your only friend is the dscan button. I may have mentioned before that I’m terminally lazy and my contribution to a nomadic lifestyle streches as far as waking up, jumping in, waiting for the collapse and jumping out. Today though the hole was busy. A probe visited and left, and a Venture sat at a safe spot for an hour and then left.

Then an Anathema came in. Hooray! Something the Manticore can deal with.

I could have grabbed the pod, but I was too busy marvelling at the Sister’s launcher which had dropped. I mean, that never happens. Thanks Halloween buff.

Have a great week and fly safe o/


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