MTG – Pauper Deck – Mono Black Rat Colony

I’m a big fan of pauper in MTG and I wanted to start sharing some of my favourite decks. This one has been popular in recent years, especially in Magic Arena and there are several common variations on the theme, however this is my favourite.

Rat Colony forms the basis of this deck as its unusual ruling makes it so you can have as many copies of it in your deck as you like, allowing you to ramp power in your rats for each one in play. Granted with only five different card types in the deck on the surface it may seem a little boring, but it’s a lot of fun to play in terms of annoyance!

It’s hard to give specific credit for this, but I’ll link Merchant’s video as reference so you can see it in play on Arena.

Deck List

4 x Divest – Great for targeted removal direct from opponents hands for potentially problematic adversaries
2 x Macabre Waltz – Allows you to pull inevitably killed rats back – handy late game if needed
30 x Rat Colony – Because Rat Colony
2 x Recover – Pretty much the same as Macabre Waltz, but adds a little variety in an otherwise ‘dull’ deck
22 x Swamp


Duress – Removal from opponents hand again… but different… but not.
Dead Weight – gives a -2/-2 to anything you dislike for 1 mana
Moment of Craving – costs a little more at 2 mana, but it’s an instant which also gives -2/-2 and 2 life gain for you

See it in play in Arena

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