A victim’s perspective…

Morning guys. I’m at work this morning so just a quick, no-frills update.

Following on from my last post, I was thrilled to receive a response from Apollo Lemmont, the unlucky Magnate pilot I engaged with.

Apollo was kind enough to provide me with his perspective on the lead up to our engagement and its final moments!

Thanks Apollo!

“I had just jumped into a new WH for the first time in a few years. It’s been a while since I’ve played and I remember my fondest memories being cracking cans and making off with mad loot (which in reality was 7-8isk but mad loot nonetheless).

My irl buddies have been trying out the game and so I picked up from the start once more and began scanning – just one Wormhole but enough to sate my exitement. Upon arrival I find a treasure trove of sites. I’m so excited I immediately warpped off to a random moon to begin exploring. It’s about this time that I get a hold of myself and turn to my recently discovered D-scanner to find out what’s going on. This was met with fear. Plenty of corporate structures and guns – not a one of them being familiar to a new/returning player such as myself. So I tossed out my probes and started scanning.

I’m about 3 scans in when I realize that I forgot to mark the wormhole I came through. Crap. There’s too many signatures for me to guess which anomaly I came out of so I text my bud to get online and poke his head in so I can get out. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to get on so I go right to plan B and start scanning everything. At the very least, I’m going to loot some of this cans and then I’ll just go in and out of all the WHs until I find my way out.

I watch as other probes come in and out. I spot other ships but I’ve never engaged another in combat. My confidence in taking down other players is very small so I keep myself cloaked until my buddy arrives.

When he does, I’ve got everything marked and we’re excited to see what’s in stores. He starts up a fleet, marks the WH entrance back home, and warps the fleet to the first node to begin. We figure he can body guard me and we can 2v1 any encounter we come across.

We arrive at site 1 and I get to work cracking cans – classic. I mess up once or twice but no big deal, there’s plenty here. About this time my buddy is commenting that he can’t see me anymore. I smack my forehead and realize we both warped to different anomalies. So I figure out where he’s at and warp to him without finishing the anomalies.

Once arrived I set right to my cans again. My buddy and I come up with a new strategy to safely guard our new, shiny 3m/isk worth of trash. I jettison out the loot, he picks it up. If anyone engages, they’ll naturally go for me and he can zip out.

No sooner has he picked up another crate of our loot, lagging behind without an afterburner on his slasher, does a Astero appear. I want love this ship. It’s #1 on my wishlist. I also know it’s a frigate and built to expoler and I’m hoping I can put up a fight. My buddy is panicing yelling “Someone is here!! Someone is right here!!” I scream back over discord for him to “RUN” like it’s straight out of a horror movie.

However, there’s only a second between deploying my own Hobgoblins and being killed by hers. It’s clear that I’m out gunned. I try to ignite my afterburner but it’s too late, I’m webbed down and space dust seconds after I realize what was happening.

I laugh at my buddy who is dying to know what happened. And we meet back up at our home system. He’s done for the night but I’m still whirling in the fighting, yearning to improve my game. I pull up a convo with the pilot and ask a myriad of questions.

Next thing I know, my ragtag fleet is being featured on a blog! I’m very grateful for the pilot who shot me down, I learned a ton from her. Very lucky she waited to log off.”

To me, this is what EVE is all about.


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