Taking it out on a random…

Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

I’ve been doing a lot of PVE over the past few weeks. Mainly to get some additional funds in for stuff I have planned, but also because I want to run one of the epic arc mission lines, namely the Minmatar one and as such I’ve been grinding some standings.

It’s very boring.

So this morning my main was farming 3/10s and I had to go afk for a few minutes at the sun in a stationless system due to a courier knocking the door. When I returned I was sat in my pod, next to my wreck thanks to the roaming Trigalvian patrol in system. Frustrating isn’t the word, but hey-ho no big loss, it was a cheap ship and lesson learned!

Naturally I wanted revenge so I returned and excecuted the aforementioned Trigalvians then took myself away from the screen for a nice cardiac-unfriendly breakfast.

After lunch I decided it was time to murder someone, just to take the edge off things so I cloned to Derelik and hopped into the first hole I came across , J150407. As Sasta is normally quite a high traffic system I tend to avoid it as the chances of bumping into daytrip campers is much higher, but today I decided to risk it as I was in the mood for a decent fight.

I set up a ping off the hole at around 700km and scanned the system. Just the one Data site and a sleeper Relic site were in existence with no other exits, so it was time to sit back and listen to some music whilst waiting for a customer.

It wasn’t long before an Astero appeared on my overview and her Zkill suggested she was an active hunter with no Astero losses, just lots of kills. Unfortunately she didn’t stick around but a few minutes later another Astero appeared and launched probes.

A quick check on Zkill revealed that Gurea normally used a dual rep fit with a resist mod and DCU, but lacked cap stability on most fits so hopefully I’d be able to grind him down. He also fitted a scram, so once I was in it was going to be for the long run unless he capped himself out running his tank. I’d also noted that he normally fitted an MWD, which would naturally be switched off once I’d scrammed him.

Pretty soon he’d scanned the two remaining signatures in system and in short order he alighted on the Data site so I warped to my pre-bookmarked pounce.

As with all of these sites, there’s always a can or two that takes a little longer to hack due to increased difficulty. In data sites it’s the databank, so I waited patiently for him to settle on it before swooping in. I knew there was a high chance he wasn’t going to skip any of the cans as none of his previous fits had employed the use of a cargo scanner.

Once he’d started hacking the databank I took my opportunity and had him scrammed in short order. I made sure to only use one scram and kept my prop mod off in order to conserve some cap myself. There wasn’t really a massive need to do this as I have boosters, but every little helps.

He tanked pretty well for around 2 minutes, then the telltale lack of reps revealed he was capped and I soon began to quickly tear through his armour. I noted looking at the killmail that he had two nanite repair paste charges still in place upon dying so he’d clearly been cap dry before the reload cycle kicked in. In truth his rigs hadn’t helped either.

It was a shame the launcher didn’t drop, but I enjoyed the fight nonetheless. I didn’t manage to snag the pod and Gurea didn’t feel like offering a gf in return. Never mind, fun was had.

You may have noticed I’ve started using Fed Navy Hobgoblins too. I also want to look at Integrated Hobgoblins and do a little ‘Pyfaing’ as I’m interested in seeing whether exploiting the explosive weakness of the Astero is worth it. Augmented Hobgoblins do this too, of course and whilst they’re tougher they’re also quite a bit more expensive.

Fly safe!


2 thoughts on “Taking it out on a random…

  1. Hey, just dropping in to say I’m enjoying your blog a lot as an avid explorer hunter myself. I think media about small scale content is important to show gameplay alternatives to being in a giant bloc.
    A small point about your last comment on drones. The navy drones still have the same damage type as their T1 or T2 counterparts. It’s only ‘integrated’ and ‘augmented’ that have split damage types and the hobgoblin split is to kinetic not explosive.
    Looking forward to your next post.

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    1. You know what, I’m such an idiot. I’d written a draft about looking to try integrated and augmented drones but that I was using Feds at the moment and somewhere I’ve totally rehashed what I meant to say. Thanks so much for pointing it out and thanks for the compliments.


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