Paying it forward…

Just a quick trip out in the Vital Spark this evening. Literally one jump into the next system and into a wandering C3. I’ve spent much of the evening on my alt running calm and agitated Abyss sites for the first time. I really like the Dark ones, and the ambience is incredible. I’ll be trying some Tier 3s soon.

Having never run them before I decided to resurrect a hull that I haven’t used in a long time – a Caracal Navy Issue! Remember those? Well, it might as well be used for something. The isk isn’t great but it’s different content and that’s always good in my book.

After a few hours of shooting missiles I got a little bored and resolved to clone up to Solitude and see if I could find someone to hunt. One jump over in a dead-end system I scanned out an X702 to J114648 and dscan immediately piqued my interest.

The Venture was self named, and whilst this often screams trap the guy’s killboard suggested it wasn’t one. Dscanning the ship to the centre of the system, I quickly dumped probes in a tight formation over the sun and warped there to see if he was floating at zero. Whilst in warp his probes appeared on scan, just as mine finished their sweep revealing a gas site.

Immediately I recalled my probes and set up a ping off the Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir, and in short order the Venture landed.

My ping was at an awkward angle to him vs the cloud, so a slow rotation to get within a decent burn, bump, lock range was necessary.

Within a short amount of time he was dead.

It wasn’t until I’d finished off his pod that I noticed he had asked for mercy in local, so I messaged him to apologise and sent enough isk to cover his Venture. I don’t shy away from killing new players, but I think it’s important that we encourage and educate.

We had a nice email exchange and he was very thankful for the small amount of isk I sent. All was good and hopefully we’ll meet again… or in his case, hopefully we won’t!

I repaired to my safe to continue scanning the system. A decent relic and a data site were apparent and having satisfied my lust for blood I considered going at them myself. I wanted to get the system fully scanned, however so continued to take a look at all the exits. A C6, two K162s and a K162 to hisec. Interesting. “Perhaps my time would be better served getting some loot out of Solitude”, I thought…

… and then a wild Imicus appeared.

I punched the guy’s name into Zkill and found no kill info. His character sheet stated he was almost 14yrs old so perhaps he was a returning player, or perhaps he’d been very lucky indeed. Either way I resolved to pop his space cherry if given the chance.

As luck would have it, that chance appeared more quickly that I thought it would. Tracking him off the hole I watched him warp straight to the relic site I’d pre-scanned. With the Venture pilot’s probes still in space I assumed he may be cautious. He wasn’t.

The long pauses between cans were a dead giveaway that he was pretty distracted by his probes and I seized my opportunity as he began to hack his second can…

… and so with two ships and two pods to my name, a new player encouraged and a cherry popped, I logged with a smile on my face.

Fly safe!


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