Double trouble…

Just a quick blog entry today to detail an unexpected fight this afternoon.

Most of today had been spent ferrying loot to hubs and refitting ships. My main needed a go-to Tengu in Derelik, so we both cloned and set about retrieving one from Balle. Having gotten the Tengu refitted for PvP I did a little gentle probing around Sasta. Two Standard Sleeper Cache sites later and my loot lust was satisfied for the day, but my main had spied a few relic sites in a dead-end C2 with just the hisec entrance active, and after scoping it out for a while I decided it was safe to go and pillage. Another 120m in the bank.

I logged around lunchtime and did some chores. I’m a hoarder, and the four empty desktop cases in my shed had been irritating my wife for some time so whilst she was out the kids and I took them up to the transfer station. With my good deed for the day completed, I treated them and myself to a burger and headed home to see what could be found beneath the veneer of hisec.

In truth it was pretty slow. One lonely Astero beat me to the punch in a C3 having just finished a data site by the time I landed. There was also a Z971 in Lasheshi that looked promising, so I sent my main over in a cloaky to keep an eye on it.

I’d noticed that a Probe was scanning, but this went on for hours and he wasn’t commiting to running any of the sites, so suspecting there was another hisec exit I took the Vital Spark in and set up a perch off a data site.

The probe soon vanished, so I did a complete scan and discovered several other holes, all either lowsec, C2 or C3s. Time to loiter and Youtube.

After some time two sets of T1 probes appeared on scan, and upon warping to the outer planet I could see that a self named Magnate and a Probe (differently named) had come through the C2 and were at a safe. I headed back to the data site perch and waited.

I guess it was around 30 minutes before they showed up, landing around 3000km off me at their own perch. Then they did something odd, they dropped a mobile depot. I assumed the Magnate would be refitting for stabs to run the site, so having been provided with a warp in I decided to take them then and there. I’d checked the Magnate pilot’s Zkill and I could see that he often rode shotgun with his hacking alt for protection in an Ancilliary Shield boosted probe.

I tackled the Probe but the Magnate had drifted out of range. No matter, he was probably refit with stabs anyway. The Probe scrammed me and commenced neuting – fit as predicted. He made a good account of himself but he was never going to be a match for the Astero and was duly wrecked and podded.

The Magnate hung around in system for a while and I lurked on the MD hoping he’d come back, but sadly he didn’t.

With that it was time for dinner. I may log on later and update the entry further if anything else fun happens.

Fly safe!

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