Inject for success, maybe…

Another day, another wormhole… and I’m still not bored, there’s always something to see or someone to do (or be done, of course).

Lots of PVE for me this morning, taking advantage of a quiet constellation whilst everyone’s asleep. My children were occupied with screen time, so I figured I’d join in. I made just over 150m isk from scanning in lowsec this morning, there seemed to be sites everywhere. It got to the point where I had to call time on it because I had jobs to do. 150m might not be much for you, but it’s two replacement Asteros for me. My major issue at the moment is moving all the gas I’ve accumulated. I need to give that one some more thought. I think there’s over 30k m3 there right now and without the ability to compress it’s going to mean more and more runs in the Crane if I don’t start getting on top of it now.

In other news, the locals were particularly restless in Solitude today. I even got camped in station for a short while later in the morning. Not really an issue as I have instas, but as the US based pirates seemed hell bent on staying up late, I decided to clone and have some productive time selling and reorganising some assets in Derelik. I’d noticed that I had a spare and quite blingly Legion that I’d forgotten about so I logged on and subbed an alt to collect it. I literally have T3s coming out of my ears, but this one is quite sentimental so undecided whether to strip down and sell or not.

So after all the chores were done I jumped into the Vital Spark and went for a wander up towards Irshah. I have some more assets in Bairshir from my time living in Curse and I thought I’d paw through them and see if I could snag a kill on the way down.

I didn’t get that far. Having not scanned a single wormhole all the way up the pipe, when I finally did find one in Bar I had to take a look.

“Hello J153132, what a lot of structures you have!” I mused, as the shadow of an Anathema and an Incursus blinked briefly on my dscan. Activity is always good, as long as its the right sort of activity. I sat tight for around 10 minutes and went through the usual drill, bouncing around and checking all the structures, setting up safes etc. All these things can be done without alerting anyone to your presence and will reap rewards when the poop hits the fan.

With no further sign of activity I dropped probes and commenced scanning. A null exit, a K162, another non-static high exit and a sprinkling of gas. Conveniently there was also a data and a relic site, so I decided to sit tight and see what opportunities the afternoon, two hisec entrances and two hackable sites would present me with.

It wasn’t long before a Magnate popped up on scan, shortly thereafter followed by an Astero.

A few minutes later the Astero appeared in the data site, and his conspicuousness seemed to scare the Magnate away, which is understandable. I sat, like a sad, lonely voyeur and watched him hack the cans. Checking his killboard I found nothing, and his character sheet told me he was just a week old. Clearly he was an alt, or a new player that had purchased an injector or two due to the fact that he was packing a covops cloak. This immediately threw a spanner at my comfort cushion as skill injectors freak me out. How experienced was he? Was he an alt created specifically to bait? Had he injected 100m sp and had crazy tanking skills and experience?

I didn’t know.

What I did know was that he was either going out of his way to appear to be inexperienced, or he really was new. He travelled 50km from one can to the other without a prop mod on, and seemed to wedge himself into the cans when hacking. Additionally the pauses between hacks were legendary. He was obviously distracted with scanning. Then I asked myself, “why hasn’t he died before if he’s this inexperienced?”. I realised, of course that it may be his first ever time in a hole, or hacking, but he was hacking successfully… maybe he was packing four stabs? So many questions.

There was only one way to find out. Tackle him. Which I would have done if the Magnate hadn’t suddely popped up on dscan, and with that the Astero warped to a safe.

I won’t repeat what I said, but I had an inkling that he’d be back and as predicted he shortly appeared at the relic site and commenced work.

Considering how easily spooked he was, I wasn’t going to risk waiting for him to load up and went for him as soon as he started on the first can. It was a great fight actually, he had a plate, resist mods and an ancilliary repairer and it took a few minutes to take him down.

It was a shame the launcher didn’t drop, but I scooped around 40m in loot and the pod was worth 50m.

This fight certainly made me rethink my current fit. At the moment I’m flying a dual rep (one t2 and one ancilliary) with two DDAs. The incoming damage wasn’t particularly worrying, but I do feel the ship can do better. I’ll be doing some theory crafting and crawling zkill later, I think.

GF anyway JK Riraille!


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