Escape from Solitude…

I logged in Heluene last night having cloned to find a route to pull through some loot to hisec. I had quite a bit to shift (in isk value) and wasn’t willing to risk a long chain of connections, so I gave it up as a bad job and decided to do a little scanning with a view to making some isk. It’s been pretty slow up here lately PVE wise, a large Chinese corp has moved in and they appear to be hoovering everything up. I guess that’s EVE for you.

Hare had a few holes, and one amazingly mirrored the motherlode hole I spoke about in my last entry. I wasn’t about to spend a few hours running multiple data sites, though so I finished scanning all the sigs and intended to fly back and log for the night. The last signature I scanned was a new one to me however, a Superior Blood Raider Covert Research Facility. I hadn’t found one before, let alone run one and all the reports on line stated they had the potential for extraordinary riches.

I flew back to Heluene and grabbed a Magnate, minimally fitted with an mwd, data analyser and cargo scanner then headed straight back for the hole. I noticed upon landing at the site decloaked that I’d put the cargo scanner in the cargo hold and not fitted it. “Too late now, timer started”, I sulked and burned to the vault. It was a difficult hack and it took me much longer that I would have liked, plus it only yielded 12m isk in tools. I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do another one but I threw caution to the wind and headed to the nearest one, completing it quickly and bagging another 10m isk or so in tools.

I warped out knowing I’d over-stayed my welcome and slightly miffed at the thought of missing out on a potential bundle of goodies. It was time to log for the night.

This morning I woke determined to get the loot out come hell or high water. I was running low on isk and needed the cash. As luck would have it a hisec hole had opened up one jump out and I duly ferried everything I could carry to the nearest station, then cloned out of Solitiude back to Amarr and collected my booty.

So, what to do now? Lunch was first, then some scanning in the Amarr area. Most holes probed had little in the way of signatures to patrol and nobody seemed to be at home, so I settled on a relic site in a C3 off Sharji just a few jumps out from Amarr. With just one data and relic site in system this was the best I could hope for this afternoon, and I had other things to do around the house.

After a short while I spotted an Imicus, who spent time scanning out the entire system but didn’t come into either of the sites. I did however spot two Legions on scan at different times. I continued to check the Fortizar and other structures throughout the afternoon but no activity was apparent. I can only assume they’d poked through from either the C5 or the C3 connecting to the hole.

I suppose I was away for around an hour, glancing occasionally at my screen to see whether I was still cloaked / connected, when I decided to check the data site and found this.

Someone had been pecking. Perhaps one of the Legions was lurking and scared them off? Perhaps another Astero was camping? Who knew. Whatever the case, I was now back at my desk and active and it wasn’t long before another set of probes appeared on scan.

This time it was an Astero. The pilot’s killboard revealed little in the way of threat or indeed wormhole living so the chances of backup lurking were minimal. I allowed him to get settled into the relic site and swooped, praying all the while that a Legion wasn’t going to decloak.

In fairness he fought back, but was quickly put down thanks to his fit. I don’t understand fits like these to be honest. They do little in the way of protection and given the price of the hull surely a covops or T1 scanning frigate would be a more cost effective option? Oh, and don’t get me started on Sisters launchers. Why for the love of God? Not that my wallet minds, of course.

Regardless, the launcher didn’t drop for me today and he had little in the way of value on board.

So for any budding Astero pilots out there, let’s break down what’s wrong with this fit:

  1. No tank. If you’re flying an Astero and you’re flying with no tank, you might as well fly a T1 or a Covert Ops frigate. A couple of resist mods like this guy has aren’t going to cut it. You may not want to fight, but if you’re in anything other than hisec chances are you’re going to have to at some point and that’s going to make all the difference between surviving and losing your ship and loot. Either fit to escape with stabs / inertia stabs or fit reppers. If you’re planning the former, fly something else.
  2. Don’t fit expensive mods like Sisters launchers. There’s no point. 99% of the stuff you will want to scan or need to you’ll be able to do with a T1 launcher and Sisters probes. If you’re an alpha flying an Astero, stop. Jump out of the wormhole now and rethink your life. You can’t even cloak for Bob’s sake.
  3. Fit the right rigs. This has a Trimark on it and no buffer tank. Completely useless considering he only has a couple of resist mods.
  4. Carry more than one set of drones. Most capable Astero pilots will end up in a stalemate with another well-fit Astero as they happily tank each others damage. Invariably this will lead to attacking each others drones. Don’t be caught with just five as that could easily be reduced to zero.
  5. You may be making dank isk WH diving, but what’s the point of losing 100m a time when you could be losing a 3m Magnate and achieving the same results?

Fly safe!

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