About Me

Hi, I’m Fayte.

I like to explore and make dank spacebux. Lately though I’ve started to err towards killing things.

This blog documents my travels and my adventures. Most will be lacklustre, some will be boring, none will have great content.

EVE Online has been a passion of mine for almost ten years, and whilst this character may be relatively unused, I’ve always found that the beauty of this game is that you can start again and again and still find new things to do and new places to see.

My history in EVE has been a fairly chequered one. I started down the usual PVE type road and quickly ended up in a well known lowsec pirate corporation. I pillaged and plundered for a few years but was always fascinated by wormholes and their inherent mysteries and dangers. I’d pretty much always have a scout sat in a wormhole linking to our staging system and as soon as I spotted a target I’d drag any willing corp members along with me… much to their amusement and annoyance in equal measure.

I later joined a well known hisec mercenary alliance and spent a long time with them but I always kept one eye on wormholes. To be honest, the inclusion of occasional dips into the land of ‘no local’ kept our small corporation interested, so much so that some of my old corpmates now ‘dwell’ full time.

That was never something that appealed to me though. When I finally took the plunge into wh living the logisitics irritated me and those times when there were too few of us on to take on a good fight got me down.

I guess more than anything, and despite the great times I’ve had with other people in EVE, I’m a hobo at heart and perfectly happy in my own company. It’s been a rare occurence to find a small group of people I really get on with and my corp history is testament to that.

Fly safe!