Nothing Ventured…

It was hard to EVE today. Weekends always are.

For the first time in longer than I can remember I’ve had a few days off work in a row. Yesterday was spent with the kids visiting a local animal sanctuary and buying them clothes for our pending vacation. Today was chores day, and in between I tried my hardest to get a little EVE time. It’s all good, but I needed some me time today to brain fart

I decided to clone down to Derelik this morning, primarily because I wanted to grab the Expedition Frigate skillbook and pick up a Prospect. I’ve been doing quite a bit of gas mining in Solitude and have amassed a substantial quantity of booster blueprints and gas. With Gas Cloud Harvesting V trained, I was now in a position to do the Prospect justice. I have no intention of taking it into J space, but the cloak gives an added element of security when travelling and mining in lowsec.

Luckily Derelik has its own gas sites, and it wasn’t long before I was scanning my way around local lowsec looking for an Emerald Nebula. Sadly none were showing themselves today, so a Helix Nebula and some Lime Mykoserocin would have to do. This gas isn’t worth as much as the Cytocserocin, but it would give the Prospect a decent first voyage.

I mined the first cloud of three out, capping out my ore hold and returned to Sasta with my loot.

I was away for around an hour and upon my return, I found this….

That’s right, someone else was mining my gas.

I returned to Sasta and picked up The Vital Spark, flew back to Ubtes and began a slow circle around the gas cloud to bump the Venture. As I was approaching it the gas cloud ran dry, but the Venture didn’t warp. Was this a trap?

No, it wasn’t. The guy was VERY afk. So afk in fact that due to my playing around with safety settings, I ended up podding him too. I felt bad. So did my sec status…

So I sat there, feeling bad and contemplating my next move. A few minutes later the same guy came back in a Caracal to empty his wreck. Having checked his killboard I was more than happy to entertain the idea of tackling it but unfortunately I had drifted way off the wreck and wasn’t within warp range. I quickly bounced but by the time I returned, he was gone.

Now I was annoyed. I’d lost 0.1 of security, my gas was gone and I’d missed a Caracal. Luckily the hapless miner had realised he could only fit a tiny amount of gas in his Caracal, so returned with another Venture. This gave me a chance to cheer myself up and he was summarily executed, again.

Some RP ensued in local whereupon I berated him for stealing gas that clearly belonged to me. Sadly he had no sense of humour and threatened to return in something bigger. I feigned sadness at the prospect of having to fight anything more pointy than a shuttle and settled down to wait for his return.

Unfortunately he didn’t make good on his threat, but as I was waiting a very cagey Heron began to cloak and decloak off a nearby data site. I decided to pull the old popping in and out of system trick and eventually she settled into hacking.

Kill number three for the evening was in the offing.

With traffic dying down in the system and little in the way of scannable sites left, I decided to refit and fly down towards Minmatar FW space and pick up a few sites of my own, and maybe another kill. Unfortunately no luck came my way in the PVP department, but I did pick up a tidy sum in loot.

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re flying!


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