It’s been a while…

Wow, a few weeks away from EVE and I’m rusty as hell. I’ve logged in each day to collect the daily skillpoints but today I decided to have a decent session as it’s probably going to be my only day off work for quite a few days to come. Also my wifi is fixed… I drilled a hole through the wall and ran a cable connection to my router. Screw wifi.

I spent a few hours running some combat anomalies on my main, picked up a few hundred million in loot and splashed out on a new Tengu for my planned Minmatar Epic Arc extravaganza. I actually took the Muninn out today and enjoyed it immensely, such a fantastic little boat. I even bought her a few new skins.

After dinner it was time to hunt. I’ve had one kill since my last entry but to be honest Madbruh Hekard left a bad taste in my mouth and I wanted to re-evaluate my place in New Eden. I did consider going back to my roots and setting up a training corp, something I’ve considered a few times since I started. With time in short supply at the moment that’s unlikely to happen soon.

So, tonight’s mini odyssey started in Radima, Derelik with me sat on a K162 as per usual and getting excited about what laid within.

In this case, it was very little. A barn, you might call it. All J125227 had to offer was three alternative exits, so I selected the O477 to the static C3 and jumped in. Not much was going on in J133857 either. Two Astrahus, a Fortizar and an active pos with a K162 to hisec and and the static hisec. What it did have, however were relic and data sites so given that there were two hisec entry points I decided to settle in for a while.

The structures remained unpopulated but as the data and relic sites were at either end of the system it necessitated regular bounces to check for activity. It wasn’t long before a set of Sister’s probes appeared on scan and shortly thereafter an Astero landed on the data site.

I then remembered the Halloween thingy… 100% loot drops. Was I actually going to get a Sister’s launcher this time? It’s been what, five Astero kills since the last one dropped?

I took a quick peek at TheBaconShaman The3rd’s zkill and he clearly wasn’t PVPer, but of course you never know, and that launcher wasn’t going to drop itself. I’d better do something about that.

As it happened he wasn’t even carrying drones, so I see very little point in flying an Astero – each to their own. Also, T1 bloody launcher! I am cursed.

I exited the system into Eddar via the static and was greeted with a bounty notification on docking. 1,000,000 isk? Cheapskate. Props for the cool name though.

Also, pumpkin wreck icons baby!!! CCP, it’s the little things that count.

One thing I am slightly peeved about however is the fact that my super-awesome and expensive Astero Deathglow Hunters skin is now being given away free for Halloween. How annoying is that!? Everyone’s going to have them. Even TheBaconShaman The3rd had one!!!


Fly safe!


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