Fayte, what is best in life?

“To linger cloaked near your enemies, see them unaware of your presence and to imagine their surprise as you decloak!”

Ok, maybe that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sorry, Conan.

So I awoke in Derelik yesterday evening, Sasta to be precise and fresh from a brief excursion to null last night. Just a hop, skip and jump over in Hasiari a hole had opened into the Outer Ring area and decided to take my Astero, the ‘Vital Spark’ in for a mooch around.


0-WVQS, across the galaxy from Hasiari but mere seconds via the wormhole, aren’t they magic? Normally I’d be looking for riches, but since the blackout the promise of pew has increased and I wanted to be ready for anything. I scanned around a few systems, map data showed little in the way of traffic and truth be told there were few riches to be had. I had an hour to play so I set up on a ping off a data site for an hour but no takers.

Back at Sasta I logged for the night… feeling a little unfulfilled.

The blackout has put a little fire in my belly to be honest, so I rigged the Astero for combat (dual scram, web, double rep) and headed back up the pipe I’d started along last night. The hole to Outer Ring was gone, but a few jumps up in Mohas I happened upon a K162 and decided to poke my nose in.


Dscan of J102209 revealed an active tower, a rarity nowadays as well as a Nestor and MTU conveniently named ‘Remember to take’, as well as a Warp Disruptor and several T1 drones.

Experience tells me what to expect here. My alter ego is pretty experienced in WH living but curiosity gets the better of me….

A tight scan confirms that they are all at 5 degrees to P IV so I warp to the POCO and narrow down the tower to one of the moons. I want to see if the Nestor is piloted…


It’s not, and luckily I land 15km off the drones at the edge of the bubble. Nice trap though guys. As I survey the scene a pod warps in and I check out the corp KB. They’re pretty good but after 15 mins of the pod just sitting there I decide to move on, scanning everything before I leave.

It’s pretty dead through Ubtes and down into Minmatar lowsec. I bunny hop another Astero for a few jumps down to Aedald but there are zero sites to run so little chance of catching him. I give up on the aforementioned Astero pilot at Muttokon and scan out an R943 wandering C2 connection which has a highsec static to Pator, J210536. Convenient, just a few jumps back to Sasta.

There’s just the one relic site in here but I also scan out the C1 static and check that. It’s J105936 and it’s crammed with sigs and tons of Data sites… and in the absence of anyone to kill I decide to jump out to hisec, grab a T1 scanning frigate and some basic mods and run them.

Central Serp Survey Site

30 mins later I’m 40m richer and heading home, slightly disappointed not to have come across another explorer to tussle with.

Several hours later…

So, having had dinner and wound up in Auderne after collecting up some stray loot I decided to head into Minmatar FW space via Avenod to see the sights. It’s an area I don’t get into very often, and I like red. I end up in Ansen, a quiet 0.1 backwater and discover three holes in system, all K162s and all stable. Sorted.

My first port of call was J163203. Stocked to the ceiling with sigs and almost all Data sites. I had considered flying back to get a cheap frigate but then I spotted 4 of these things on Dscan.

Hangar Container

After a bit of zooming around I found them around Planet 1. Sadly nothing of value inside, just a few mils worth of fuel and a Probe and an Epithal. Oh well, time for some cheap killmails.

probe killepithal kill

I resolve then to return to hisec and grab my cheap frigate as there’s literally 10 Data sites in J163203 begging to be run, so I exit back out to Ansen but before running back to Hek I decide to have a quick poke in one of the other two holes.

J232605 is a C1 with a static low and I appear at the edge of the system… and there’s a Prospect on scan. I warp out of Dscan range and dump probes quickly, bouncing back to see what site he could be on. There’s one other signature near the wormhole I came in from so I’m assuming it has to be a Gas site.

Dscan shows no sign of the Prospect, so I quickly scan out the site (which was Gas as suspected), pull probes and warp over to the Astrahus to see if anyone’s home. Just one dweller, which I assume could be the Prospect pilot who clearly spotted me. Within a few minutes a Prospect undocks from the Astrahus and warps in the direction of the Gas site.


I land on the Gas site at zero, hoping he’ll still be in tackle range or I’ll be able to decloak him and… nothing but tumbleweed. So I sit and I wait… and I wait… and then he appears on Dscan, around 3au away.

What the…

Of course! He’s mining, and I quickly find him at the anom, pre-aligned to the Astrahus. I drop a ping as I’m landing and notice he is particularly close to some Bistot that he’s lasering away at.


Warping up to the Bistot at 20km, I wind myself around the front and Jaws style I come up from underneath, flicking on my afterburner as I decloak to bump him out of alignment. Then, much like the best romantic interludes it’s all over very quickly.


prospect kill

Now I’m too tired to run those sites.


Today’s ‘Music to fly to…”


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